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    Production of pressed parts on tools with manual insertion.
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    About us

    DAKAFORM, S. R. O.

    DAKAFORM s.r.o. was founded in February 2015 as a family company focusing on the production and development of pressed parts and tools for cold forming. Our key motivation is to offer all our customers top services and comprehensive support in this area and thus permanently contribute to sustainability and prosperity and customer-supplier relationships.

    We have a vision to be a lean company, maximally oriented to meet customer requirements.

    Our goal is to produce products with a reasonable margin that will allow us to grow continuously and invest in our production facilities, in order to provide customers with the maximum possible portfolio and service.

    Our company is certified according to ISO 9001

    Production possibilities and scope

    Our company offers the production of cold-formed parts in a wide range of processed materials.
    We can process materials from 0.2 mm to 8 mm thick in the form of coils, sheets or rods

    • cold rolled carbon steel
    • stainless steel sheets and coils
    • aluminum and copper coils, sheets and blanks
    • nickel coils

    Progressive Stamping

    It is a very effective industrial cold forming method designed for the production of parts in series from tens of thousands to millions per year. The input material is always a coil of the necessary material quality and dimensions.

    Aluminium impact extrusion

    Impact extrusion is a manufacturing process similar to extrusion and drawing by which products are made with a metal slug. The slug is pressed at a high velocity with extreme force into a die or mould by a punch.

    Deep Drawing

    Deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process by which a sheet metal blank is slightly clamped along its perimeter by a blank holder and radially drawn into a forming die by use of a punch without intentionally changing the thickness of the sheet.

    Surface finish and finishing operations according to customer´s requirements

    Degreasing, Zinc coating, Cataphoresis (KTL), Powder coating

    Production of stamped parts in tools with manual insertion

    This is the basic production method of stamped parts always using human force to handle parts and control the machine. As a rule, it is used for smaller series of shaped parts where it does not have the economic effect to invest in sophisticated tools and replace human work by robots or transfer and handling automats.

    Product gallery


    Progressive stamping
    line Edelhoff 100

    • press force: 10000 kN
    • slide stroke: 20-120mm
    • press table dimension: 810x860 mm
    • number of strokes per minute: 30 - 150
    • max. dimensions of coil: 520x3 mm

    2x Progressive stamping and eccentric press line
    Smeral LEN 63C

    • press force: 6300 kN
    • slide stroke: 20-120mm
    • press table dimensions : 800x630 mm
    • number of strokes per minute: 10 - 160
    • max. dimensions of coil: 300x3 mm

    Eccentric press
    Weingarten 63

    • press force: 6300 Kn
    • slide stroke: 20-120mm
    • press table dimensions: 700x620 mm
    • number of strokes per minute: 120

    Our customers

    Other company services

    We are also able to provide following services in every phase of your project:

    • Pressed parts optimization according to feasibility and cost efficiency
    • Prototypes regarding to your drawing
      Tools and dies design and dies supply
    • Production lines design and turnkey projects
    • Advisory in a field of cold stamping and deep drawing


    DAKAFORM s.r.o.

    Company headquarters: Rybářská 365
    735 62 Český Těšín
    Czech Republic
    Company registration number:038 14 866

    Company Management

    Daniel Kaznica

    Executive Director, Project Manager

    E-mail: daniel.kaznica@dakaform.cz
    Tel.: +420 720 329725

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